The BESS Council is made up of BESS members who are elected by the BESS membership at the annual general meeting. The current Council includes:

Amar Rangan


Jonathan Rees

Vice President

NJR Quality Outcomes Lead

Peter Brownson

Immediate Past President

Steve Drew

Honorary Secretary

David Clark

Honorary Treasurer

Mark Falworth

Past Treasurer

Shantanu Shahane

Membership Secretary

Data Controller

Paul Jenkins


Chris Peach

Research Committee Chairman

Jaime Candal-Couto

Education Committee Chairman

Anju Jaggi

AHP Representative

Ro Kulkarni

Coding & Commissioning Lead

Past Presidents:

Willie Souter 1988-1991

Ian Bayley 1991-1993

Michael Watson 1993-1995

Steve Copeland 1995-1997

Ian Kelly 1997-1999

Jimmy Colville 1999-2001

Angus Wallace 2001-2003

Roger Emery 2003-2005

Tim Bunker 2005-2007

David Stanley 2007-2009

Lars Neumann 2009-2011

Andy Carr 2011-2013

Ro Kulkarni 2013-2015

Michael Thomas 2015-2017

Peter Brownson 2017-2019