BESS supports upper limb orthopaedic research through its pump priming grants and survey circulation. In addition to this, we are proud to support two James Lind Alliance projects: common shoulder problems; and elbow conditions. BESS members have also been involved in several multi-centred national surgical trials. You can find out more these activities below.

James Lind Alliance
Elbow conditions
Common shoulder problems

National clinical trials


PROximal Fracture of Humerus: Evaluation by Randomisation Trial

CI: Prof Amar Rangan

Trial publication link-1

Trial publication link-2

This trial is complete


United Kingdom Rotator Cuff Trial

CI: Prof Andrew Carr

Trial publication link

This trial is complete


Can Shoulder Arthroscopy Work? Trial

CI: Prof David Beard

Trial protocol publication link


Clavicle trial

CI: Mr Philip Ahrens

Trial protocol publication link

This trial is complete


United Kingdom FROzen Shoulder Trial

CI: Prof Amar Rangan

Trial weblink


PROximal Humeral Fracture: Evaluation by Randomisation – 2

CI: Prof Amar Rangan

Trial in final stages of commissioning, trial due to start January 2018


Patch Augmented Rotator Cuff Surgery

CI: Prof Jonathan Cook

Trial weblink

BESS Summary Page


UK Traumatic Anterior SHoulder Dislocation Study

CI: Prof Jonathan Rees

Trial weblink


Getting it Right Addressing Shoulder Pain

CI: Prof Sally Hopewell

Trial weblink