Shoulder & Elbow Steering Committee

Shoulder & Elbow is the BESS Journal. It is published by Sage Publications. The Shoulder & Elbow Steering Committee is made up of BESS members. The Committee has six regular members, four of which are Ex Officio (Editor-In-Chief of the Journal; Deputy Editor; BESS accountant; BESS Council Representative – Flexible) and two who are selected from the BESS membership (BESS Surgeon (with academic experience); BESS AHP (with academic experience)). The BESS President has a standing invite to attend.

The current Committee includes:

Michael Thomas

Chairman, Editor-In-Chief

Rohit Kulkarni

Deputy Editor/Reviews Editor

Paul Jenkins

BESS Council Representative

Claire Hills

BESS Accountant

Jonathan Rees

BESS President

Harvinder Singh

Surgeon Member

David Annison

AHP Member